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Auxili-yes! gave the winner a check for 250 euros. The 250 euros could be earned if you got the right time when the baking pan would leave the cubic meter of ice during the fair in Wervershoof. The reaction of his grandchildren was very special. “We gambled at 11 a.m. and were happy to have won. We will refund half of the price, 125 euros. You can give that to Bake for Life. We'll do something fun with the rest of the money. We hope that the money will be well spent and that poverty will disappear.” What more should we add to this.

During our annual BBQ, Marleen Pater (Bake for Life) received an amount of 3000 euros. A wonderful amount that will be used for the purchase of the necessary machines for a new bakery in Uganda. The raw materials are currently scarce and very expensive and therefore it is difficult to keep the bakeries open. If it indeed comes to the point that the bakeries have to close, 150 employees will be out of work. Employees with disabilities who cannot quickly find other work in Africa. That is why, together with Wageningen University, the South African universities Pretoria and Venda, Makarere University in Uganda and local bakers, we are now looking for solutions to bake good and healthy bread with local raw materials (sorghum, cassava, black beans). .

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