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Friend of Auxili-ja!

For 35 years Auxili-ja! has been supporting small-scale projects worldwide that benefit the local population. These projects have one thing in common: they are always guided or supported by someone from our own community or by someone we know and trust. This guarantees that the money ends up in the right place. Website: In the past 20 years alone, we have been able to transfer about 100.000 euros to various projects.

We regularly organize campaigns to raise money. You probably know us from our sponsored bike rides on the Mont Ventoux and the Alpe d'Huez, the ice block during the fair or the "World of Taste"
You can support us financially by being “Friend of Auxili-Ja!”. For 50 euros a year you support our work and you remain closely involved with our foundation.
*You are then at the forefront of our promotions.
*You will receive an invitation to the annual meeting, where there will of course be plenty of opportunity to talk to each other while enjoying a snack and a drink….
*Your name (or the name of your company) will be clearly visible in all our promotions, if you wish.
*The most important thing is of course that you can enjoy every day of the year in the knowledge that you are helping many people with your contribution!

For more information, please contact our secretary Kees Ooijevaar (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or trough the website You can also immediately register as a friend of Auxili-ja! by e-mail to the secretary or trough the website.
Please state your address so that we can send you a confirmation, a form for the annual direct debit and a small gift.
Thank you very much for your friendship!
Yours sincerely Auxili-ja!


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You can support our work:

NL16 RABO 0368948870
to Auxilia-Brasili-ja

Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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