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Newsletter February 2023

Number 7

“The World of Taste” is happening again. On Sunday 26 March (13.00 – 17.00) it will take place in ‘t Fortuin in Wervershoof. The event has been postponed twice due to corona, but now "we're going wild".
In 2018, with the necessary help from Add Social, we were able to make a teaser. Manon and I have sung a text ourselves. Opinions about the performance were very divided, so we asked a professional orchestra if we could use one of their songs. And after a few e-mails back and forth, we received the permission. Under this year's teaser we have (thanks to JWN Video Productions) the melody "Transplants" by "The Vegetable Orchstra" from Vienna. This orchestra is very special. The musicians all make their own musical instruments and they make those instruments from fruit and vegetables. They go to the market and the supermarkets and see which piece of fruit or vegetable has the best sound for the piece they are going to perform. Very special to see and hear. Just for fun, you should go watch and listen on Youtube. It's really very special. How did I find this orchestra? “I have no active memory of that.” You can also admire the “teaser” on our website:
The World of Taste you can enjoy some very special dishes from, among others, Guatemala, Chile, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Thailand. We will of course keep you informed of the whole event.


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