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Policy Plan

Started on October 26, 1986 as “Werkgroep Brasili-ja”, we became a foundation on August 12, 2002: “Stichting Auxilia”. Since 2020 we have continued under the name Auxili-ja! This plan has been drawn up in the context of the ANBI scheme and will be updated annually.

Kees Ooijevaar, secretary December 2020

Mission and vision

Auxili-ja! supports small-scale projects worldwide that benefit the local population.
This mission arises from
*the first 6 of the 17 world goals set by 189 world leaders in 2015
*the encyclical Laudato Si of Pope Francis.

The World Goals
We are inspired by the first 6 world goals:

  1. Eradicate all forms of extreme poverty
  2. End hunger, ensure food security and sustainable agriculture
  3. Healthcare for everyone
  4. Equal and high-quality education
  5. Equal rights for men and women and empowerment of women and girls
  6. Clean water and sanitation for everyone

Laudato Si
From the encyclical:

  • the close relationship between the poor and the fragility of the planet
  • the belief that everything in the world is connected
  • the criticism of new models and forms of power arising from technology.
  • the call to approach economics and progress in different ways
  • the value proper to every creature
  • the human meaning of ecology
  • the need for a frank and fair debate
  • the serious responsibility of international and local policy
  • the throwaway culture and the proposal of a new lifestyle


Auxili-ja! is a small-scale organization with a mainly local presence and in which the members feel involved in a pleasant environment.
The board of Auxili-ja! is a “working fund”. This means that, in addition to managing the foundation, the members are also actively involved in the choice of projects to be sponsored and in organizing the various actions.
Follow-up or expansion is done by looking for capable people within the own network.
Meetings are held approximately once every 6 weeks. If an action is about to happen, the meeting frequency will be increased.


There is a plan / time schedule for each action. This states exactly who does what at what time.


Auxili-ja! wants to involve as many people as possible in her work. The name should be buzzing, people should be kept curious. This is achieved by keeping the website (www.auxilia-brasili-ja) up to date (Digital Dreams maintains the website), the “circular”, local media, flyers, social media and through presentations


Auxili-ja! is a fundraising organization that by actively conducting various actions (large and small) tries to raise money for projects.


Anyone can apply to support a project. Two forms have been developed for this. These forms can be found on the website.

Division of tasks

There is no division of tasks outside the chairman, treasurer and secretary. The tasks are divided among each action.

Management and spending money

Auxili-ja! has a bank account and a savings account. There is no policy on how much amount or the period of time to lock up amounts. The treasurer is responsible for this.

In the event of dissolution of the foundation, the board will remain until the liquidation of the assets has been completed. The funds are spent in accordance with the mission and vision of the foundation. The books and records are kept for 10 years with a person designated by the board.


When writing this Policy Plan (December 2020), we have spent more than 34 years realizing our Mission and Vision. Every 5 years we evaluate, look back and look ahead.


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Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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