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Annual Report 2021

The layout of the 2021 annual report:

  • The board
  • Website
  • Circular letter
  • Realized in 2021
  • Friends of Auxili-ja!
  • Schedule 2023
  • Projects

The board:

There are no separate tasks within the board, with the exception of secretary (Kees Ooijevaar) and treasurer (Piet Neefjes).
Members: Sjaak de Boer, Peter de Boer, Piet Neefjes, Kees Ooijevaar, Hans van der Geest, Manon Koomen, Martijn Droog, Marco Dudink


Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen. The aim is to adjust the site once a month, but Corona also threw a spanner in the works this year.
Not much has happened this year.
The articles are supplied by the secretary.


In 2022, one more circular letter will be sent out by post and e-mail. Each time it costs the foundation around 100 euros sending the letter by post. We think we can spend that money better. The news is posted on the website.

Realized in 2021:

  • Community Auction
    Every year a community auction is held in Wervershoof. Our offer, a light classical living room concert for four people with a partner in 2019, has not yet been able to take place due to Corona.
  • World of Taste
    Corona also made it impossible to organize this. We are now betting on November 2022.
  • Funfair
    We hold a funfair every 5 years. This year the proceeds would go to "Bake for life". We have also postponed this activity for another year.

Friends of Auxili-ja!

We are going to ask people to become “friends” of Auxili-ja! by donating 50 euros annually, by direct debit.

Schedule 2022:




 *meeting: annual report and annual accounts, 
 *World Tasting, 
 *light classical concert












 *Funfair (celebration in the bumper cars and ice block in the garden of the rectory)
 * BBQ on the Saturday after the fair




*meeting: annual planning 2023


*meeting: Christmas market, community auction 2023
*World Tasting


*New Years Eve celebration
*Christmas market


The project below was supported by us in 2021 and can be found on the site and in the project folder:

SIPHR (Rwanda) free legal aid and information to stand up for the most basic human rights


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You can support our work:

NL16 RABO 0368948870
to Auxilia-Brasili-ja

Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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Entrepreneurial association Wervershoof
“Het Fortuin” in Wervershoof
Jacco Deen (Code en Koffie)
Add Social
Printer House “The Letter”


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