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Financial Statements 2018


Current Account balance (01-01-2018) 1.793,87
Balance saving accounts (01-01-2018) 19.173,80
Gifts 3.146,08
Fundraising 3.003,56
Interest 3,11
Total: 27.120,42

The Gifts can be divided into once off and monthly donations.

The year 2018 was the year of: “A World of Taste”, Fathersday, summermarket, Christmas and a colection at the Werenfriduschurch in Wervershoof.


Donations 7.537,00
Costs of fundraising 2.065,20
Miscellaneos 217,80
Bankcharges 175,13
Website 1.058,75

Current account balance (31-12-2018) 889,63
Balance saving account (31-12-2018) 15.176,91

Total: 27.120,42

This amount has gone to small projects. The projects can be found on the website.

Costs of fundrasing:
Costs have been incurred for all the fundrasing.

These are all the costs incurred tot send the circulairs and costs of secretariat.

Digital Dreams maintains our website. The cotst are very high this year because of refreshing our website.

Bank charges:
For transfer to and from foreign countries the bank charges a fee. Kosten die gemaakt zijn om de rondzendbrieven te versturen en het secretariaat.


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Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
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Entrepreneurial association Wervershoof
“Het Fortuin” in Wervershoof
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