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Annual report 2018

The format of the 2018 annual report:

    • Tasks within the board
    • Website
    • Circular letter
    • Realized in 2018
    • Planning 2019
    • Projects


Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen. This year our website has been completely renewed. The aim is to adjust the site once a month. The articles are supplied by the secretary.

Realized in 2018 

  • Promo grant
  • Community auction
  • A World of taste
  • Beer and Balls Bucket (father's day)
  • Summer market
  • Christmas market

Community auction
Every year a community auction is held in Wervershoof. We have offered two "Beer and Ballen Bags".

Beer and Balls Bucket (father's day)
For the second time we have done something with Father's Day. Thanks to many sponsors, we have been able to provide a good number of fathers with a well-filled "Bag". Before 2019, we must carefully consider whether we will continue with this because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sponsors

Christmas market
The Christmas market in Wervershoof was a huge success. The throwing of the arrows on Christmas balls was again successful. Children always had a price.

Planning 2019


  • meeting
  • Circular letter


  • 8 February: pub quiz
  • meeting  
    -annual report and financial statement  
    -invite Wouter de Groot, Nepal  
    -Lent action primary schools Wervershoof
  • circular letter


  • meeting  
    -distribution of tasks
  • Lent action primary schools


  • meeting
  • Lent action primary schools Wervershoof


  • meeting  
    -father's day 
  • Circular letter


  • June 16 father's day
  • meeting



  • BBQ on August 24, the Saturday after the funfair


  • meeting
  • Circular letter


  • meeting
    -2020 annual plan: April “A World of Taste,
    -funfair campaign


  • meeting  
    -Christmas market
  • Circular letter


  • meeting
    -new year celebration
  • Christmas market
  • New Year celebration


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