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Financial statements 2014


Current account balance (01-01-2014)  € 1,344.36
Balance Savings Account (01-01-2014)  € 8,786.69
Gifts  € 12,596. -
Fund raising  € 12,508.10
BBQ  € 211.88
Interest  € 254.52
   € 35,701.55

The gifts can be divided into once off and monthly donations.
Fund raising:
Small -scale campaigns: Christmas, Mother's day breakfasts and collection in Werenfridus Church during the New Year celebration. This amount is significantly higher this year. There are many funds received for our action Mont Ventoux.

We started the new season (August - June) with a BBQ for members and their families.


Donations  € 19,450. -
Costs for fund raising  € 4,164.69
Miscellaneous  € 199.18
Website  € 383.80
Bank charges  € 63.45
BBQ  € 211.23
Current account balance (31-12-2014)  € 2,233.01
Balance Savings Account (31-12-2014)  € 9,041.19
   € 35,701.55

This amount has gone to small projects and to Watu Wangu. Watu Wangu has received the funds were raised by the Mont Ventoux event. The projects can be found on the site.

Costs fund raising:
Costs have been incurred for the Mother's Day event and the Christmas market.
The Ventouxilia fund raising event in 2014 also had costs for transport and accommodation.

These are the costs incurred to send the circulars and costs of secretariat.

Digital Dreams maintains our website.

Bank charges:
For transfer to and from foreign countries the bank charges a fee.


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