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Anual report 2014

The content of the Annual Report 2014:
* Tasks within the board
* Website
* Circular
* Plans for 2014
* Plans for the coming years
* Future
* Projects

Tasks, all functions within the Board:

Chairman: Sjaak de Boer
ViceChairman: Peter de Boer
Treasurer: Piet Neefjes
Secretary: Kees Ooijevaar
Address Database Management: Hans van der Geest
Fund raising events: Marco Dudink, Peter de Boer, Martijn Droog
Minutes and Fund raising events: Esther van Velzen
P.R: Manon Koomen and Hans vd Geest
Sponsoring, Deputy Treasurer: Lonneke van der Gulik
Members: Pastor Jan Suidgeest


Our website is maintained by Digital Dreams in Enkhuizen.
We try to adapt the site once a month.
The articles are provided by the secretary.


The aim is to make a circular letter at least four times a year, written by the secretary and the chairman. This year we have achieved this goal. The circular is posted on our site, in the local weeklies, in Now and Later (parish) and on the site of the parish.

Plans for 2014

* Community Auction
* Food Fair
* Mother’s Day breakfasts
* Climbing Mont Ventoux
* Christmas market

* Community Auction
Each year there is a community auction in Wervershoof.
We offer, besides Mother’s Day breakfasts, two places for climbing the Mont Ventoux.

Food Fair
We have moved the planned Food Fair from November to February 2014 because there was a charity evening at the Cultural Centre, the “Schoof´” in the same weekend.
On 23 February the Food Fair took place in Café Restaurant "’t Fortuin". Before the start of the Food Fair a dozen tractors drove around the village to encourage people to visit the Food Fair. A very successful event that is definitely worth repeating.

* Mother’s Day breakfasts
Each year, we provide Mother’s Day breakfasts.
We have had many positive responses.
Also worth repeating.

* Climbing Mont Ventoux
This fund raising event came too soon after climbing the Alpe d'Huez. This was clearly evident in the number of participants. Besides the ascent by bike, we organized a trek to involve more participants. We succeeded to a certain extent..

* Christmas:
The Christmas market was well attended.
Throwing darts at Christmas baubles was once again a great success. All children won a small prize. Perhaps next year will try something else.

Plan for the coming years:

2015: Mother's Day, “Straat(m)ijsje”, Christmas market
2016: Mother's Day. Food Fair, Christmas market


The preparations for evaluation in March 2015, with a small committee, are in full swing. We hope to complete this in 2015.


The following projects were supported and can be found on the site:

Foundation Mzamomhle (school in South Africa)
The Style Foundation (education project in Kenya)
Anthony Baker (beds for an orphanage in Flores)
Foundation Medical Mission Sisters
PCI Wervershoof
Bahay Aurora (Philippines)
Sports project Itaguai (Brasil)
Maintaining a school in Cambodia


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You can support our work:

NL16 RABO 0368948870
to Auxilia-Brasili-ja

Chamber of commerce no: 371000429
RSIN/tax no. 816039562

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Entrepreneurial association Wervershoof
“Het Fortuin” in Wervershoof
Jacco Deen (Code en Koffie)
Add Social
Printer House “The Letter”


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