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Auxili-ja! asks for help


Auxili-ja! offers (financial) support…. And asks for help …… ..
That needs an explanation!

Also Auxili-ja! is going through a strange time. The “World of Taste” that we would do in 't Fortuin last April has been postponed until further notice. The “Ice block” in the rectory garden was also canceled. We hope to be able to present that during the fair next year.

As you know, we support people who start or run projects or charities in all parts of the world. However, few people have crossed the border in recent months. We have therefore recently received few requests for financial support for projects.

Auxili-ja! has been running on donations not only from our own region for 34 years. As you can read on our website, we have already supported many projects and other charitiescan.

Since it has been very quiet with applications in recent months, we now want to turn things around, and we need your help for that. We would now like to ask you if you know any projects or other charities where we can contribute (financially) too. These may be projects abroad, but not necessarily. If you know a good cause closer to home, perhaps even in our own, in your own, region, we would like to hear about it.

The project or charity cannot be too small for us, everything is welcome. We do have some guidelines that the application for the project or charity must meet:

  • The money for the charity may not directly benefit the applicant. You are therefore submitting the application for something or someone else.
  • The applicant does have a connection with the charity for which the money is requested.
  • Clearly describe the charity for which the application is being submitted and the reason why you are applying. Also describe the link you have with the charity.
  • The charity must have something to do with combating poverty and / or community building in the broadest sense of the word (liveability, participation in society, combating social inequality).

We do not want to give examples. If in doubt, simply submit your application. This is possible until November 20, 2020. You will hear as soon as possible afterwards (up to 2 weeks at the latest) whether your application will be approved. It is true that our resources are not unlimited. We will therefore have to make a choice from the charities that will be sent to us.

You can send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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