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Bahay Aurora 2020

Introduction and current situation:

Last year we started growing vegetables for our own use. For this we have a piece of land that provides enough to fill all the mouths on Bahay Aurora. Vegetable growing is in the hands of a farmer on our payroll. The first vegetables are consumed, all organic without chemical pesticides. However, there is still an unusable part of the land; it is rocky and gets a little steep. We are looking for a good destination for this. Bahay Aurora has had a run with ducks and chickens on its own grounds for many years. We regularly have eggs from that, but far too little for forty-five children.


Our goal is to optimally use the entire plot of land and to keep chickens and geese on the unused part. On the one hand for the eggs, and on the other for the meat. The part is sealed off and is large enough to hold around one hundred and fifty ducks and geese. They are also good guards and thus also serve as free security. To achieve this, a strong fence must be installed along the entire length of the land. With this we also protect our own vegetables against their gluttony. In addition, there must be a place where the animals can sleep. Because we can sell eggs with these numbers, there is income from which we can ultimately finance the feeding of the animals.
Our goal is to become less dependent on Dutch gifts. Various initiatives have already been taken for this. For example, we run almost 100% on solar energy, we collect rainwater in the wet season to shower with, we grow our own vegetables. Meat is expensive and we don't eat that much. Every month we receive a number of boxes of meat from a meat importer. Children need protein and therefore we eat more poultry. Almost all chicken in the Philippines is imported and therefore quite pricey. Through this project there are more than enough eggs, animals can be slaughtered for meals and our operating costs are reduced.


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